"Jesus" at Sight and Sound Theater - Thurs, November 15, 2018

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A new show this year, “Jesus”, which will tell the story of Jesus in the eyes of everyday people whose lives he transformed forever.  “Jesus” is an action packed musical stage show which shows the journey alongside the “most important person to ever walk the earth” and the lives he touched. Experience the story with a three-sided stage with the largest, state-of-the-art LED screens in a theater, along with the famous animals that are both on stage and in the aisles.  If you haven’t seen a performance at Sight and Sound Theater, treat yourself this year.  Also included is a fabulous buffet at Shady Maple Smorgasbord, featuring 200 feet of delicious Pennsylvania style cooking. Pickup locations: Exit 63(N. Ocean) , Exit 49 (Rte 110) & Exit 36 (Christopher Morley). Includes: Motorcoach, Admission & Lunch