Hunterdon Playhouse presents "Sherlock Holmes Returns" - March 26, 2020

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Sherlock Holmes Returns is yet another crown jewel in our widely popular Sherlock Holmes Immersive Musical Comedy Series! This uproarious musical features an all new plot and a slew of new songs! Buckingham Palace has been robbed and it’s up to Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and YOU, the audience, to go on a hilarious hunt to find the missing royal treasure! Hailed by HHP audiences as “The most fun we have ever had in a theatre,” our original Sherlock Holmes interactive musicals put you right in the middle of the action, finding the clues and solving the crime! Before the show, enjoy your choice of an entree served tableside along with bread, salad and unlimited dessert buffet with coffee and tea. 

Includes: Motorcoach, luncheon & show